capture screen and upload get directly url from App

capture screen by app

We wrote many posts by markdown, but markdown does not support upload image method.
So we have to find the way to capture screen or upload picture from any where.

I will introduce 2 apps for capture screen in png or convert to gif, and get directly image link.



It provider you a image path and you can upload image by mac tool. Also Cloudup app already support for Windows and Mac.
You can easily capture image by cloudup and upload to a path.



It is a tool for windows and Mac, you can record any size screen from your desktop, and upload a mp4 to RecordIt website.

After upload you can click gif button to convert to gif image, and get image url.

upload image is easy

Writing markdown is not always to non developer, the hardest is uploading image. Maybe those tools will help you slove problems.

Enjoy write in markdown. :D


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