Trying open MSI U90

Originally, I planed to add a DDR ram in my MSI U90. I went to TK3c buying a 2GB DDR ram, and fast get home. The first problem was how take apart U90, I was trying open it carefully, I was afraid to broken it.

Finally, I did. And put Ram in U90, Second fire up the note. Oh no ,nothing appear. What was happend? Try again. the same result. OK, I took apart Ram, open it. Unbelievable, It work. I want to figure out what is going on. I think maybe there is a ram in the note.

So I open the case , fan, wireless of the note. But I did not find the ram. Oh my god, Where is the Ram? Show me. Finally, I found it. Guest what. Ram was fixed next to the plug slot. I did not find it as the first time opening note.

I mash all the desk, and there were many screws. It is a big mistake. But I still can not add Ram in my note. How can I do now?


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