The super recommend book~

This book is teaching you how to be a charming man.![]( This is the cover on the book. Lesson 1. How to achieve woman when you asleep in underground. Hang your body as sexy as a model on “VOGUE”,but you can not open your mouth.(have to remember this) Lesson 2 How achieve woman when you walk. If you want to be a Mr. Charming, the walking is a big learning. Let the Street be your Runway. Lesson 3 How to read book. Reading trick, scissors style. Use your two finger to “Clip” a book, your finger is like a scissor. You are like a “NINJA”, distribute your animal smell. ![]( Lesson 4. Good at using your tool in office. Quick, moving like a tiger, Speed like a rare. Wherever you go, just 1 second. Finally, it is so useful for us. If you want to be a man who achieve every women. you have to buy a one. include:


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